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Houdini - State Manager reload does not seems to reload

Hello Richard,

We have a small issue with the state manager, when I open a Houdini asset with some import/export states, and then open an empty scene, I have the new window asking me what to do with the states. I tried the 3 options and the outcome remains the same : It copies the states from my asset to my empty scene, even if I press "reload from current scene".

It is a big issue because the current behavior is overwriting the states that could exists in the scene that I am trying to load...

edit : Current work around : always close Houdini and re-open a new instance at each scene opening

Would it be possible for you to take a look please ?

Thanks a lot,


EDIT 2 : In the state manager, the option "remove all states" does not seems to work (v1.3.0.11, Houdini 18.0.499) as well, it might be linked ?

Yes the two issues where related. That's fixed now in v1.3.0.13

Thanks for reporting ValDo

No problem at all, glad to be able to help !

Thanks for your reactivity,

I found some minor bugs elsewhere, I will post them Friday afternoon I think 🙂