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Houdini/Redshift HDA bug.

Hello there,

I dicovered some weird issue with Houdini/Redshift.

Everytime when I try to save my LightingRig (which is a just simple Dome light with path do HDR texture), after publishing that asset there's notihing in the path. Also, I discovered that all values like Tint. Exposure, Intensity are set to default. Any idea how to export LightingRig for my friends in team?




when you create a new node from a HDA in Houdini all the parameters on that HDA will be set to their defaults.

Since you usually don't want to overwrite the Redshift dome default values you have two options:

  1. Publish your dome using the State Manager. In that process the dome light will be converted to a new HDA. Now you can set your values for HDRI path, tint, exposure and so on as the default for the new HDA. It won't change the defaults on the redshift dome HDA, just on the Prism HDA. On each parameter which you modified you can choose "Make Current Value Default" from the parameter context menu and then choose "Save Node Type" from the node context menu to save your changes. Now your friend can import the HDA and will have the correct parameter values.
  2. Put your domelight into a Subnet and publish the Subnet as a HDA using the State Manager. In that case your friend would need to unlock the HDA if he wants to change the light parameters.