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Hi guys, yesterday i downloaded Houdini 18. To be honest I m not 100% into LOPS so it s a dark space for me. Do you think the PRISM Workflow and LOPS will work nicely together in the future?



This Houdini release is really amazing and has many features with a big potential for workflow improvements. I'm looking at lops currently and I'm trying to come up with some ideas how it can be used in Prism. I think they could work together nicely. Lops and USD can be a very complex topic, but Prism could help to make it more easily accessible for small teams or individuals without a whole Pipeline team.

It would be great to hear ideas and thoughts from many people about this topic.

Would be so amazing to have prism support solaris and USD. I think it could be quite powerful to keep it node based. Just an idea, but what about a lops 'prism_import' hda where you can select which asset you want to import. The same with export, so the settings would be on the export hda itself. Maybe the state manager UI could fetch the export hda's in the stage and create a list from that (useful if you have many exports that you want to publish at the same time).