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Houdini Issue : Unable to publish external relative references (object merge)

Hello @RichardF !

I found an issue that might be a small issue :

When I try to publish an HDA containing an object merge set with a relative external path (such as "../../path/OUT_name"), Prism refuse to publish the HDA.

Would it be possible to have an exception option on the state manager to be able to do so ?

I would be super useful in case of complex setup.

Thanks a lot,


Hey @valdo

I can allow external references by default. Or do usually want to prevent that and prefer to have control over that setting in the State Manager?

Hello Richard !

I would be interesting to have the control over the parameter so the juniors wont do it by mistake !

Thanks a lot !

I added this option for the next update. It's possible to set it when exporting a new HDA.

Super good news thanks a lot !

This is now in v1.3.0 as well. I hope it works as you'd expect.