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Houdini fails to open

Hi! I am having trouble adding prism to houdini 17, I integrate it succesfully, but when trying to open houdini, it crashes.

I installed it on "C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 17.0.352\bin"

I have windows 10 Pro.

Does someone had the same problem?

Thanks in advance.


I'm using the same Houdini version in the exact same path, but no crash here. I'm on Windows Home, but I don't think that makes a difference. You installed the Prism integration to the preference folder right? like this: C:\Users\richa\Documents\houdini17.0, and not to the Houdini installation directory in C:\Program Files. It seems to work when you install it to this directory too, but it's intended to go to the Houdini preferences folder.

I'm curious to hear if some0ne else has this problem.

Hi Richard! Thanks for the fast response.

I just tried installing it on the preferences folder and still crashes(opens the splash art of houdini and closes after 5 seconds), I tried in another computer and worked perfectly.

Maybe you have made some changes to the Houdini environment or you havw plugins installed, which don't work together with Prism. You could try to delete or rename the complete preferences folder. Then start Houdini, which will create a new default preferences folder. Close Houdini, install Prism in the new default preferences folder and try to start Houdini again.