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Houdini 18


thumbs up on this project, found it at the right time... thanks...maybe a noob question.

Started configuring / installing and playing with my setup (windows 10). I'm currently using the production build of 18 (18.0.287), experimenting with 323.

Prism itself seems to work and update correctly via github... and this version of houdini, however when i tried using the integrated tools for comments, versions etc. throws a error when trying to open the tools dialogs. I can proceed (but not really) with prism workflow, i am just manually saving any modifications which is fine for now.  Am i either configuring something incorrectly or is this build of houdini not compatible yet... i could not find anything specifically on forums... maybe looking in wrong place.

As a side note, as i went through removing trying again a few times i noticed that deleting all the folder created and the prism dir itself does not delete all config files created as it picks up user name from previous install... where is this stored to ensure i remove everything from previous installation.

Once again tools... any pointers would be appreciated.


I'm using 18.0.307 at the moment, but as far as I'm aware there shouldn't be problems with any Houdini 18 build. What's the exact error message you get? Can you post a screenshot of that or send it per mail? Maybe it's something I can fix easily in Prism.

Prism stores files in 4 locations:

  • The Prism installation folder for all the scripts and GUIs
  • The project folders to store all your project data and configs
  • The config folders of your DCCs for the Prism integrations so that Prism will be loaded when you launch a DCC
  • The documents folder on your system to store project independent settings like the username. This is probably what you are looking for. You can find it here (with your windows username): C:\Users\richa\Documents\Prism


problem on my end, python config issue.

All seems to be working now i stripped out everything and reinstalled.

Looking good 🙂 exciting.

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Hi there,

I use Houdini 18.0.518 (CentOS) when I try to make screenshot for thumbnail, houdini crashes every time. With H17.5 it works as expected. Could you please take a look.