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Help setting up Wedges


I was wondering if you could help me setup up wedging for a pyro sim with prism. I am new to the whole wedging workflow so might be missing something obvious.

I have it working manually now. Ie I have the wedge node setup and its doing the variations. I have been connecting a file cache node from sops to the wedge node. The part thats confusing me is that when I connect the wedge node in the state manger it changes the output type to .hda in the state manager and when i change it so it creates a new geometry node in the out context. And I am not sure how to link the wedge node to this.




At the moment wedges are not supported with Prism, but it's already on the to-do list: [0014]

Thanks Richard.

But is PDG wedging supported I thought I saw a post about that.

Yes there is a big Prism PDG integration in development, which will be able to do much more than just caching and rendering. But that's not ready to use yet, so it's not part of the official Prism version at the moment.