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Handeling projects


We have started using Prism in our studio, great tool!!

We have a lot of different clients and projects. Is there a plan to easier switch between projects? It would be great with a simple dropdown menu to filter for client and the projects for that specific client.

Our folder structure looks like this

IKEA > Bedroom > Prism project
IKEA > Table > Prism project
Volvo > Car > Prism project
Volvo > Car2 > Prism project


Hey Olle,

currently there are two places where you can switch the Prism project. The first one is in the Prism Settings dialog and the second one is in the Options->Recent Projects menu at the top of the Project Browser and the State Manager. I can't think of a simpler and faster way, but if you have an idea how that could look like, let me know.

If you have multiple projects for the same client I see that it would be useful to group the projects by client/category. I could imagine this that you have to set the master projects folder in the Prism Settings dialog and then you could access all projects in the subfolders from a new menu in the Project Browser menu bar. Does that sound like you what you had in mind?

Thank you for your reply! Your tool is so awesome!

I think the system you have now is good for 5-10 projects. But once you reach over 50+ projects it gets a bit messy looking through just one list of projects.

Here are two images showing what I am after. Hopefully this will give some ideas! (see attached).
Basically just some kind of tab or dropdown to pick projects faster, and a search function would be awesome of course.

Being able to switch projects while keeping the asset tab open would be helpful. This way we could switch project and compare assets between projects.. and also import assets between projects easier.

What also would be good is if it was possible to create the folder structure from within Prism from scratch (at the moment you have to pick a path to a pre-existing folder).

Have a good one!

Uploaded files:
  • prismClientPicker_Alternative01.png
  • prismClientPicker_Alternative02.png

I agree that for 50+ projects a different way of browsing projects would be preferable. But that depends heavily on how the studio wants to handle this. I your case the projects are all under one master projects folder and grouped by client. But other studios could have projects on different drives or they would prefer to group their projects by year or project type.

Actually, the ideas on your images would be quite simple to implement into Prism. But it would not fit the needs of everybody, so I would need many additional options to customize how Prism finds the projects on disk. Probably it would be faster and easier to create a Prism plugin, which adds this feature just for your studio and which is tailored to your specific needs.

When I will work on that for the official Prism version I will keep that ideas in mind, but at the moment it doesn't have the highest priority.

Totally understandable. It's very important to keep it as generic as possible for sure!

Maybe implementing a search function could be something that would suit everyone?

You mean that you enter a filepath and Prism lists you all projects in the subfolders and you can switch to them?