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Geo publish error from Houdini 19.5

I just migrated to Houdini 19.5. I encounter an issue when publishing a geo from the state manager. Is it  coming from the Python 3.9 version of Houdini or is it  something else ?

Here is the error message.

Thank you !

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I try with a new install of Houdini 19.5 with Python 3.7 and the problem is still here...

It's quite urgent as we have to use Prism for a big project in my company

Where you ever able to fix this? Having the exact same problem now working on a larger project. Honestly I wouldn't mind if this tool was paid to have better support.

This warning shows up in Houdini 19.5 because the Houdini API is behaving slightly different that in older Houdini versions.

This will be fixed in future Prism versions. To fix it in your current Prism installation you can modify this file in your local install and delete line 1272-1284: