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Fusion Write node not refreshing

Hi Richard,

I have a Prisim write node in Fusion that says "please press the refresh button". When I do nothing happens.

Appreciate any help on this?

Win 10 Pro

Fusion 9.0.2 build 15

Prisim v1.2.1.52

Project v1.2.0.0





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Unfortunately I can't download Fusion 9 from the Blackmagick website so I can't test this. Are you still using that version or have you upgraded to a newer version?

I just tested Resolve 16 and it looks like they made some improvements in the python support. Eventually I can add Prism support for Resolve and Fusion inside Resolve now.

Hi Richard,

it working now with the latest update so not sure what happen.

Still getting my head around Resolve 16 at the moment.

All good now thanks.