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frame range not updating between users



we have a small bug when updating the framerange in a shot: the user who does the change sees it, but it does not get updated for the other users, even after refreshing prism.

the only way we found to force the change is to either restart prism or switch to another project and back again.


The problem for that is that the frameranges of shots are saved in a configfile and configfiles are getting cached in memory in Prism to improve the performance. When one user updates a config, other users, which have Prism already open won't see the updated information unless they clear their configcache.

The easiest way to clear the config cache is to rightclick on the refresh button in the Project Browser.

If that is still a problem I could add the option to disable the caching completely. Depending how you share files with your team that might have a big performance impact or no noticable impact at all.

let us try the right click trick and see if it is enough. but maybe having the possibility the switch the caching off as an option might be good to try ?

thanks Richard !