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FMX 2023 Prisme 2 Presentation?

Hi there,

Is there any vidéo availlable of the last fmx presentation?


Yes, you can already watch it with an FMX ticket. In a few weeks there will be also a recording on Youtube, which doesn't require a ticket.

Can't wait!
I guess there will be a blog post with it? 😛

Yes there will be a blog post. The recording will be uploaded to the new Prism Youtube channel (, so you can subscribe to get notified as soon as it's online.

There is also a new Prism LinkedIn page, where announcements are posted:

Hi Richard, I seen 2023 presentation and i`d like to know if Prisma 2 it will available for Linux (Alma/Rocky) and are you thinking implementation with other open source tool like Dneg " Xstudio". Thanks

I had been waited v2 for so longgg, could you release some stand alone part first (nuke, pts, maya,) I cantttt HOLDDDDDD

I had been waited v2 for 2 years, can`t wait to see it beta version!

We're very close to the open beta 😉

@annatronci71 Currently we are only working on the Windows version of Prism 2. There might be a Linux version in the future if there is enough demand.

Since XStudio doesn't have a Windows version, we can't implement it in the current Prism 2 version. For now we will focus on the OpenRV plugin in Prism 2.