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Export outputtype not working


Just found prism and started testing it, and encountered a bug. It seems to be working fine so I don't think I installed it incorrectly or anything 😀

The outputtype on the state manager export settings is not working. No matter what type i put on it, it always uses the apps default format. So .ma for maya (2020), .max for 3dsmax(2019), and .blend for blender(2.83). Tested on these three this far.

Is it just me or anyone else see this?

Prism version is

Ah, never mind. I thought the files would be in the step folder, but apparently they are put in a different folder structure when doing an export 🙂

My bad for not checking things out more carefully. I'll keep on learning 😀


Though I could ask here that what would be the best workflow if the exported file would be used in an app that isn't directly supported by prism?
The export files are not shown inside the step version list, so the only quick way to find the file is to use the import command on the state manager, which is a problem when for example zbrush does not have it (yet?). Would it be possible to get a list of exported files on it's own tab somewhere in the prism gui? So you could at least find the path easily. And there are quite many subfolders in the export path right now, is there a way to modify how the export path is created?

I would almost think that creating a separate export step would be a good idea when working with external applications (zbrush and substance painter at least on our case). So the exported files would be easy to find in a single folder per asset.