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Export Job on houdini crash


Hello, so I wanted to use prism to export my rop alembic, but houdini simply crash when I hit "execute".

this happen on completely new scene as well (create a alembic rop, create prism export job, hit execute).

there is no crashlog or console log.

Houdini 17.0.352 or a different version?

Someone else has this problem?

houdini 17.0.459

Works for me. Exporting a pighead as alembic with default settings works fine for me. I noticed that Prism cannot set the outputpath if there is an expression set in the outputpath of the rop node. However this prints an error in the console and does not crash. Currently there's not much I can do for you here except saying the usual stuff like resetting preferences or testing a different Houdini version.

If you like to dig into the code and debug the problem you could change the Prism export script and disable some parts to find out if the crash happens during the Houdini export itself or before that when setting  a specific parameter on the rop.

Well, I actually tried to reset my houdini preference and I noticed some fishy going on now.

I didn't actually linked that problem to prism, but now I can :

I started to have these weird log message

Unable to find dialog script for MayaPacker
at oplib:/Sop/MayaPacker?Sop/MayaPacker.
Unable to find dialog script for MayaPacker
at oplib:/Sop/MayaPacker?Sop/MayaPacker.

These HDA started to forget all of their instanced parameter in my scene.


when I deleted my houdini pref, these message disapeared and the parameter got restored.

I then tried to reinstall prism, and the message + the parameter disapearing bug re-appeared.


I found out after some try when and how to reproduce this error :

this issues happen if an .hda is located in 04_Assets/HDAs/ of the prism directory AND the hda containt more than a single node (by that, I mean that multiple HDA have been saved in the same library.

to reproduce :

1) create 2 new digital asset and save them in the same library inside 04_Assets/HDAs

2) instanciate one or both of these digital asset in a scene, then restart houdini and open this scene.

you should have a message similar to this :

Unable to find dialog script for epixe_installedhda
at oplib:/Object/epixe_installedhda?Object/epixe_installedhda.





Concering my first problem : the crash still happen even with the preference fully reset.

even a new simple scene with a box and a rop alembic will produce the crash when executing.

this happen even with a rop created by prism and not modified at all.

the crash happen after the 'missing reference dialog' if the scene containt some reference outside the project.

I found out the line causing the crash :

def saveScene(self, origin, filepath):
return, save_to_recent_files=True)

I have tried this command by first removing prism from houdini, and it still crash (segfault)

I'm not exactly sure of why ...


Edit :

Found the issues, Houdini crash if the path containt backward slash instead of forwardslash, this is the path passed by prism to the command :


just the HDA problem I found to fix now ^^

Thanks a lot for debugging this. I fixed both bugs and uploaded the patch to github.

Some functions return paths with backslashes on some computers in some situations and on others they return forward slashes. Maybe there's a logic behind this, which I don't know of. But since this is hard to reproduce it's a really annoying bug, which can happen in many places.

The reason for the errors with the project HDA was that Prism reloaded the project HDAs everytime you open a new Houdini scene, because Prism installed them to the current scenefile only. I guess there is a Houdini timing problem related to loading a scenefile and the sceneOpen callback in which Prism installs the HDAs. Now I specify an oplib file when the project HDAs are installed on startup. That keeps them available during the complete Houdini session and I don't have to reload them when a new scene gets opened.

that awesome, I'll try that tomorrow and keep you updated !


will you release a new prism version soon ?

Depends on how fast I get some new features ready. Since there is an automatic update function now, I don't think I need to make new executables for a few bugfixes. Probably early February there will be a new feature, which is worth making a new version for it.

would you consider adding a 'beta' mode where prism download from the 'dev' repo ?

you'll probably get a hell lot of bug to fix from me hehe.