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Error while launching a render, how to rollback to previous version ?

Hello !

Someone in our team updated his Prism version during the production and is now on the while we are on version .56,

He has an error while launching a render state (screenshot attached soon), on my side, I have no error and I am able to launch it.

How can we roll back to a specific previous version (just for the end of the production?)



Hey Valdo,

to roll back the version you can take a look at the commits on github:

There you find v1.3.0.56 and you can view the repository of that version. You can download this version as a zipfile from there.

In your current case it will give you this link:

In the Prism Settings dialog you can righclick the "check now" button, which gives you an option to update Prism from a zipfile. Here you can select the zip which you downloaded from github.


Alternatively you can also simply copy your Prism installation folder with Prism .56 from one workstation to another and overwrite the .60 folder.


I'd be interested to see what error you have in v1.3.0.60.



Hello Richard !

Thanks for the quick answer! I used the copy paste solution as I misread the right click option !

As for the error here is the screenshot attached, there is no log in the error message ๐Ÿ˜

We were trying to launch a job on the farm using deadline on a Redshift Rop, no idea if it's linked or not.

The same scene on another computer but on the .53 worked though.

Thanks !

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That problem is fixed now in v1.3.0.61.

I updated the Redshift support for the new Redshift versions recently. There is a checkbox to disable AOV suffixes. Prism turned that checkbox on to keep the normal Prism naming conventions for the imagefiles. I assume you are using an older Redshift version, which doesn't have that checkbox. Prism was still trying to set that checkbox, which caused the warning.

Thanks for reporting.

Yes we avoid changing our versions during prods haha ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks a lot for your reactivity!