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Error connecting to Shotgun

Hi Richard,

Thank you for sharing your fantastic pipeline tools.

We have just started using it and we are finding it to be good for what we need so far 🙂

One problem we have had that we are having trouble connecting to shotgun. This has happened on one workstation a little and another workstation all the time.

If we launch the prism browser from the maya shelf , and we right-click on the thumbnail in the prism project browser and select publish to shotgun we get and unknow error. (script pasted below)

It might have something to do with one of our guys creating new test projects and the prism project settings being messed with?

Your help would be much appreciated..

Many thanks




It shouldn't be a problem that you create multiple test projects. I guess you tried to restart Maya and the PC? Which authentication are you using, the script API key or the shotgun user account in the Prism Settings?

Also, which version of Maya are you using? This site contains a table, which indicates that Maya 2016 might have problems when connecting to Shotgun.