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Default import task name change and background

Hello Richard,

It would be very cool to have the name of an import task in the state manager to be the actual name of the task ? For now the default name is ImportFile, which is not useful when you have 10+ tasks being named the same.

Maybe a naming like "type - taskname (version)" would work well (it would kinda match what you have for the exports : "Type - taskname")

By the way, it could be really useful to have the background of the line of a task colored. Something like :

  • green background : everything is fine : status is green and you have the latest version
  • orange : new version available
  • red : error, not used ...

By looking at the list you would have a pretty good idea of the status of your imports, whereas for now you have to click each one to see the details.

What do you think about it ?



Hey ValDo,

The current default has the taskname already in it: "type (taskname)"

But I agree the version and a status color would be a good improvement. I would probably add the source entityname as well (shot or assetname).

I hope to find some time for that soon.

Hello Richard !

It seems that when we update an import, it replaces the taskname by the version, removing the taskname

Also on my side, I currently have "ImportFile (taskname)", I thought that the type would be the output type (hda, abc, shotcam, ...) instead of the name "ImportFile".

What do you think about it ?

See attached a screenshot that shows the replacement of the taskname by his version

Thanks a lot,



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There is definitely some inconsistency in the state naming. I'll rewrite that part soon and I might create a new state type for hdas, so that would be clearly identifiable. (I'm looking at your other post about hdas, but have to do some more test before answering to that)

For me the most important info is the source entityname, the taskname and the version. I might can add the filetype as well if it doesn't make it too long. Additionally the defaultname should be customizable easily through a python plugin.

Are you using the option to set a name for import state? The import state and the folder state are the only states, which allow customizable statenames by the artist.

I agree with you about the most important info, the type is not that important to me as well.

I'm not using the option to set a name for the import state, as it was a bit redundant with the taskname, and a bit annoying to write it for each import.

(Thanks for taking a look at the HDA issue !)

I made some changes to this in v1.3.0.28. The default import statename is now {entity}_{task}_{version}, which can be modified for each import state. For example you can use {extension} in the statename to display .abc or .bgeo depending on your import cache.

The default import state name can be set in the project config with the "globals" - "defaultImportStateName" setting.

Also the color of the import states indicates the state status now.

Currently that applies only to Houdini, but I'll change it for the other DCCs as well soon.

Happy to hear your thoughts about it @valdomenhirfx


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That. is. so. awesome.

We love it !

When you say the project config, are you referring to the window "project settings" or the file pipeline.yml ? (or somewhere else) I am not super sure to understand where it is 🙂

Thank you so much about it,  think that it will be super cool to have !



With project config I mean the \00_Pipeline\pipeline.yml file in your project.

But there was actually an issue that Prism wrote that setting into the user config (at %userprofile%\Prism\Prism.yml). This is now changed to the project config in v1.3.0.30.

Super cool thanks a lot !