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Deadline Submit and Render Options

Hello guys.. How are you doing? hope everyone is ok in this weird times..
One question, well, more than one..

There is any way to change the path for the renders? im using deadline and submiting with prism, but just want to change the name, merge the EXRs, and change the path.
There is any way to submit multiple cameras with prism?
and last one, its another topic i know, but since im asking questions... Any pluguin to manage textures?? i have an idea in mind, a tool that copy all the textures in scene to a master forlder for textures on the asset folder, and rerute the textures on the scene, manteining the color space..
Thx and have a good weekend!


currently there is no option to change the name of files or their paths unless you dive into the Prism python scripts and modify the code to your needs. The easiest way would be to write a little python script, which renames and moves the exrs after the rendering is done.

To submit multiple cameras you would need to create multiple image render states. When you click the publish button all states will be submitted to Deadline as separate jobs.

That texture plugin sounds like a good idea. As far as I know there is no plugin like that already. One thing to consider is that you could have two textures in your scene, which have the same filename, but are stored in two different folders. If you copy them to the same folder, they would overwrite each other unless you give one of them a new name.

Hello Richard. Thx for the reply!!

Sadly i have no idea about scripting, well, i have a little small idea, but i'm not gonna be able to script that, but it's ok, the normal submitter work just fine and i can setup the path as always, but if it can be something to have in mind for a future update, it would be amazing, it mostly because in the studio we have a small but functional pipeline and the guys from come dont wanna change the path where they look for renders, well a long story, but it would be cool to have something like path for renders and a couple of options for that on the project setUp.. And about the textures, yes, i was thinking in copy the textures to a folders with the name of the assets, but yes, if you have a 2 textures with the same name it's gonna get weird, maybe rename to _002 or something like that, and again, it's just an idea.

Thx for your time, and thx a lot for your dedication.

Have a nice Quarantine!

Many studios have a structure already, which they don't want to change. It's possible to change the Prism structure with a python plugin, which is a bit more complex, but also very flexible. I'm doing that at the moment for a studio, which needs a very specific structure.

Having a fully customizable structure, which is configurable easily by artists through a user interface is something a lot more difficult. Would be great to have this in Prism, but that's more a long term goal.