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Deadline pre- and post-job scripts


Working on a production now with Magnus using Prism, and I'm hitting on some roadblocks in my quest to process rendered files.
While it would be great with more options for how to convert and process renders in the future in higher quality, and adding burn-ins (frame number, dates etc), it's quite a big feature request.

So would it be possible to add an option for pre- and post-task scripts in the deadline submission of renders?
Having a script that runs automatically in deadline after completion gives us the ability to use ffmpeg and other stuff with the full deadline api for file-data.


You mean the pre- and post-task options in the Deadline job properties? Another way would be to submit things like transcoding and uploading the files as additional jobs, which have a dependency to the renderjob. As soon as the renderjob finishes the transcoding job would start and the upload job after that. I've seen this setup in a few studios, but I guess the post-task script is easier to setup.

I can have a look at that to give you an option to customize that. Probably without a nice UI, but for a TD that shouldn't be a problem 😉

Additional jobs with dependencies would be the ideal! As long as there's a way to customize the post-job, but figured that would be a bit harder to implement fast. So a post-task script is the easiest way to just force a result for now, I think 🙂

Alternatively, a pre-task python script could also connect to the deadline API and submit a custom job that way.


Then I would add a callback in Prism just before a job gets submitted. This callback would have all the job properties as an argument. So then you could create a Prism plugin where you could modify the job properties to add the path to your pre-task python script. Prism will submit the job then with your modified job settings.

I uploaded a new Prism version to github ( I cleaned up the Deadline plugin and added two new callbacks: preSubmit_Deadline and postSubmit_Deadline. You can use them to add pre/post scripts to your deadline jobs.

Here is a Prism Plugin, which gives you an example how this works. Just put this extracted plugin in your custom plugin directory in your Prism installation or alternatively you can put it in the \00_Pipeline\Plugins folder in your current project.


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