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[DCC support request] Mari support

Hey Richard,

it would be awesome to have Mari supported by Prism that way every angle of the pipeline is covered with Prism, that's one of the only thing that i found missing (with Katana support, but we are maybe 10 users ahaha).

Have you tried it ? Maybe hit some limitation with the way Mari works on the project/archive system as well as the export ?




Hey @Tago,

no I haven't tried to integrate Prism into Mari yet. If there are enough people requesting it I will consider it. I have the feeling though that more people are using Substance nowadays.


I know a lot of people, freelance and (mostly) tiny studios what work in Mari OR!!! They work in both Substance Painter in Mari all together, usually starting with a base texture in Painter, and moving to Mari for finishing, fine touches.

I think this girl doing the same as an example: (7 min)

Definitely second this. Mari 6 already supports native USD and is very friendly to pipeline scripting.