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Date stamp wrong in project browser inside 3dsmax 2018

Everything is correct in the regular system-tray and Nuke versions of the Prism project browser, but in the 3dsmax project browser all the dates are 11/24/-4714 12:00am (screenshot attached).

This has persisted through the last few Prism updates, on v1.2.1.59 now and it's still happening. Windows 10 with all patches and updates, my OS date/time region is set to Singapore if that helps.



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Bumping this thread, the problem is still ongoing

That's a interesting issue. The Prism code is exactly the same for the Project Browser in all apps, so it must be something 3ds Max specific.

Unfortunately I can't reproduce it here. I was testing it in 3ds Max 2018.4. Maybe you can update to that version?

To check if it's a problem in 3ds max you can paste this in the 3ds max script listener after you set it to python and press ctrl+enter:

import os

Replace the path with a path to one of your scenefiles. What gets returned?




Is your project folder somewhere on your local network/is prism's project on a mapped hard drive on your network?


I have this issue and I noticed Prism and Max are happier when the project is on a local hard drive... No problem with Maya, Houdini or Blender as far as I know.

The problem is that when submitting to Pandora from Max, Pandora doesn't get any date... making it difficult to filter (see screenshot)

@onlyquads - oh man, I got sidetracked and never got back to this - yes all my projects in Prism run off a shared NAS drive, nothing is ever local to my machine...

@richardf yes when I run that code I get the correct date back. The issue also happens on my other machine with a fresh install of Max, but as @onlyquads suggests, both machines source their Prism projects from a network drive not local.


edit: also the network drives are Samba shares on a Synology NAS running linux if that helps.

@as-34656 - Got the exact same configuration, everything on my Synology NAS, SAMBA share, and so same issue, only with 3ds Max. For me this was not a big issue as I mostly use de version number. The files have correct date and time, it's just the file browser in Max. If you use the one from Prism's icon tray, dates are correct.

But it becomes a big issue when sending jobs to Pandora. Pandora uses submission date and time to filter jobs... and don't know why this info is missing...

@richardf - So the issues are:

  • File browser and State Manager WITHIN MAX have that date and time issue.
  • File browser as standalone has the correct date and time.
  • No submission date and time when sending Jobs to Pandora from State Manager in Max.

So Max's issue seems to be only when reading files infos on network drives.


This should be fixed now in Prism v1.3.0