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Custom plugin failed

After the last prism update I have done, one of my custom plugins has stopped working. I have looked at the code change in EmptyPlugin and the onSave event that I use for my tool has disappeared. My plugin generates a File Name Prefix in Maya based on the file path.
How can I fix this now?

Maya version = 2020.3
Prism Version =



Hey Fernando,

the "onSave" callback was renamed to be more consistent with other function names.

There is now a "preSaveScene" and "postSaveScene" callback. The previous "onSave" callback is now the "postSaveScene" callback.

Both callbacks take these arguments:

filepath (str), versionUp (bool), comment (str), publish (bool), details (dict)


Hey Richard,

Thank you very much for answering.

I've checked your answer and looked in for the "postSaveScene" callback and it's not available. Maybe I have to create it myself?

As for the detail argument, does it contain the information of the type of plugin that was executed (Maya, Blender, etc ...)? I used origin to differentiate who makes the call.

I attach the file.

Thanks a lot.



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Yes the postSaveScene callback doesn't exist in that file. You have to create it yourself.

The detail argument contains details like the description, which is specific to this save action. You can print it to see it's content.

To check in which DCC the callback is executed you can use:

kwargs["core"].appPlugin.pluginName == "Maya"