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Custom nuke writeNode


I did some small changes to the Prism write node to fit our production needs. I thought I'd share it with the community if anyone is interested 🙂

Select the backdrop and it will give you some settings.

"Use default Prism write node" :   This button will just change everything back to how the Prism write node usually works. If this is unchecked you can make your own custom file path, if needed.
"Variant, Product, Angle, Color, Suffix" : These are all fields to make up your new custom file path. You can change these to whatever.
"Frame range": Set the frame range for all write nodes
"Render all" : Render all write nodes in the backdrop

Thank you Richard for this awesome tool!

Uploaded files:

Hey Olle,

thanks so much for sharing this. I hope it will be useful for many people 🙂