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Custom "Default" folder structure



New to Prism, but really liking it so far, seems like a solid tool!

Is there any way to create a new set of default folders or folder-template that will be loaded every time a new project is created? I know additional folders can be added and names changed, but I would like to not have to do the same changes whenever a project is made.

Also looking to get the studio i work at into Prism, and a new custom template for the folders would be a big help, so that no matter who creates a new project, we can always choose our "studio-template" and minimize errors.


As for as I can tell this isn't possible inside the "Create Project" UI, but is there a file I can alter to always get a different set of folders? And if that is possible, I would assume not to touch the "00_Pipeline" folder?



Project folder presets are on my to-do list, but not implemented yet.

The default folders are defined in this python script:

Feel free to edit this file in your local Prism installation.

If you are a bit comfortable with python you could also create a Prism Plugin and use the "onProjectCreated" callback to create additional folders when a project gets created.

The 00_Pipeline folder is required by Prism. You can add files and folders in that folder, but be careful when you remove files from that folder.

Altering the file worked like a charm =)

Thanks Richard!

is not the same in the new version right? i did not know where to change it :C

found it! thanks to Leo Tsunami Studio in another post 🙂