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correct render settings for multipart EXR in Maya

At the end of my renders, Prism always gives me an error that it has created no images.

In the render directory, I find an empty "Beauty" folder, and beside it, all of the rendered frames.

render/v0002_comment/Beauty (empty)


The Cryptomattes render in a "Cryptomatte" folder in the render directory, but not with versions





SO my question is, what is the correct way to render multipart EXR?

The desired result would be:




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Just bumping this. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or was this system designed for individual pass image sequences only?

I hadn't mentioned that I'm rendering with Redshift on Maya 2019.

Sorry for the very very late reply.

I just tested it and it looks like I already fixed that in the meantime.

If you want to save all the AOVs in the same exr you have to enable the "Force combine beauty and AOVs into a single file" option. Then you will get one folder for the beauty+AOV passes and one folder for cryptomatte.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the response. I've found that in some projects, the maya/redshift rendered multipart EXRs land in the right place, but very often, it creates a "beauty" folder, and beside it, it outputs the beauty images. You can see what I mean from the attached image. At the end of the render, it gives me the error that no files were created, and they are not available via the prism console either.

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