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comment window doesn't show/close properly

Hi, looks like the (Maya) comment window doesn't show/close properly all the time. I have a hidden(only showing when mouse over) window in the taskbar.

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The windows are closed, but I'm not sure why Windows is still displaying them. Maybe it's displaying an outdated preview or maybe it's because some windows still exist in memory even though they are closed. Currently I'm not aware of any easy solution to change that behavior. This is not causing any serious problems, right?

No trouble at all. I submitted it because- well, the deverloper needs feedback from the users, right? That was the spirit. Thank you so much.

Completely right, thanks a lot for flagging it.

Hello RichaedF 
I would like to try the Demo version of Prism version 2, if possible How can I get the download link, please? any solution to get it free 🙂
best regards