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Cinema 4D and possible After Effects support

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Today i fixed compatibility bugs and some other minor fixes.
Tested on 2023.1.0

Hi kapellan, thanks for your reply, I really appericated it. Where can i find this version - it's available on your github?

  • Yes, you just need to download a new archive from github. Also everyone can try the updated version for after effects

Hi! Will check it for sure! Thanks once again. I really appreciate your input for C4D industry.

Hi @kapellan I've checked your AfterEffects version and it doesn work proper. I see Prism panel but when I tried open project browser I see error "Unable to excecute script at line 1. Syntax Error" Checked on AE 2023 and 2022. It'd be great to look at this. Thanks.

Hi @som3r87,

This error appears only after the first run of the script, just ignore and run again. I will correct this mistake a later.


Quote from kapellan on 25. November 2022, 17:34

Today i fixed compatibility bgs and some other minor fixes

Hey @kapellan I've checked once again and I have still the same problem like I wrote above. Prism still doesnt work in AE 2022. It would be great to have version which work proper - without this error. Take care.

Hi @som3r87

I fixed a bug in after effects.

ps. Now I'm working on plugins for prism 2.0

Thanks! I've checked in 2022 and it works! Thank you once again for adopting Prism for C4D and AE.
I wonder when Prism 2.0 will be published but it's cool that you work on this now. I really appreciate it.

btw - is there any way to support you?


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