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changing default player to "mr. Viewer" instead of DJV

hi there,

i would like to change the default player to Mr.Viewer, so when i dooubleclick, it will open up "Mr-Viewer", instead of DJV, its a really nice piece of software, and works really well with OCIO too, everytime i open a exr with aces luts, DJV will mess it up, not load correctly...

where do i have to look in your code, to change the the "double-click" behavior? since prism v2 is coming sooner or later, there won't be many prism 1.x updates right?

highly appreciated


i'm a bit surprised, but i managed to do it myself, its not very clean or great, but it does the job...

if somebody else is interested too, here is my dirty "solution"...

  1. change the "DJV-Path" to your "mr.Viewer" path (1st image)
  2. change this two sections in the "" (2nd and 3rd image)


now when I double-click on the preview "Mr.Viewer" will open (exr, jpg, png, mp4, mov works).

maybe "mr. viewer" will find the way into prism 2.0 😉

all the best



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Great that you managed it yourself.

I can't promise anything yet, but there's a good chance to have Mr. Viewer in Prism 2 by default.

Regarding the Prism 1 updates you are right. There might be bug fixes, but don't expect any new feature updates for Prism 1.

i looking forward for 2.0, don't waste time on 1.x 😉