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Change state manager render output location

Hi Richard,

I would like to save my renders and comps to a different folder outside 03_Workflow > Shots > XXX > Rendering folder. I am working with freelancers with DropBox and syncing takes awhile as they setup their sync. They are modellers, textures and riggers and don't need access to them.

Is there a way to change the render location through the state manager or otherwise? I don't have much scripting knowledge so any help would be great.

Many thanks,


Hi there,

This is already possible in Prism, it's just one of those many hidden features. Hopefully Richard get some time to update the docs in the future 🙂

To add custom export path edit the pipeline.ini in the project pipeline folder, please see the image attached.


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Hi Magnus,

ah okay, cool! Thanks for the tip and image.

Will give it a go.



Hi Magnus,

is there a place where I can find/use the command for PlayBlast and ImageRender. You are using "simcache" and I tried using "playblast" but it does not work.



Did you edit the pipeline.ini file and add the code as in the picture? It should show up in the statemanager in the paths dropdown. Usually you can choose between local and global, but if you add this code it should appear in that list. It shouldn’t matter what you call the path.

Hi Magnus,

I got it working now and I see it in export state manager output path drop down. But I want to save my playblasts and renders to a different path but can't see an output path option for them. Its not available in the Imagerender or playblast tab options. Am I missing something?

Thanks again for your help.


Hi Femi,

I see, I’ve only used it for cache export so I’m not sure if it’s in the image and playblast export settings. (Not near a computer so can’t check right now)

@richardf Do you remember how you set this up? If it is not included it would be a quick thing to add right?

At the moment this feature only works for the export state. When I find the time I will add it also for the render and playblast states.

But it's quite easy to modify the render script to do what you want.

At this location:

you can add one line like this:

outputPath = outputPath.replace(self.core.projectPath, "X:/my/external/location/")

This simply changes the output location to a location outside of your project folder.

Hi Richard,

cheers for that. It works, so will use this in the meantime.

Thanks for the help guys.