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CGRU - Afanasy support?

Hi there!

Just wanted to know if there was any plan supporting CGRU - Afanasy (open source multi-platform render manager). It supports a lot of 3D and Compositing softwares, and as it is open source, I think it's a must have for prism-pipeline.

The UI is quite ugly but we use it in production for several years at a studio I work, and I also use it on my own small renderfarm and it does the job very well.

Keep up the good work!



Is it multi OS, too?

Yup! You can send blender jobs from os x to win slaves or linux or other macs for example, you just have to setup path maps. Fully cross-platform.

Sounds great. Wonder if it would be better to implement afanasy or opencue going forward.

OpenCue is still missing integrations for many common DCC apps. I think small teams will only start to use OpenCue once someone releases these integrations.

Afanasy sounds like a good option, but I never used it and I'm not sure how many Prism users actually use it. That's why it's not at the top of my to-do list, but if more people are interested in that, please leave a quick message here in this thread.


I'm Afanasy user as well, would love to see if this integration can happen. I would like to contribute to project as well.


I'm Afanasy user too.

We're a small vfx house using Afanasy too. Its a really good render management system. We're on linux so it was quite easy to deploy.

Afanasy/CGRU has different integrations for Fusion,blender,nuke.maya,houdini,max etc too. And its fairly easy to get going as there are production examples for integration bundled with it.

Would be interesting to see Prism + Afanasy.


Afanasy is ugly as hell, but it's quite popular in Russia for example. A lot of studios big and small use it.