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Can't create new or scroll if categories are full

Hello @richardf,

We have an issue that might be simple to fix on your side : if a category is full in the UI, we can't create a new category since we can't do a right click in an empty space.

We could create a folder in Windows Explorer, but the issue stays since we can't scroll in the list.

Do you think that it would be easy to do a fix for this ?

Here is a picture just in case :

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Yes, that was easy to fix. You can right click on existing categories now to create new categories in v1.2.1.74

Thanks for reporting the issue.

Woa so amazing, thank you so much !


It seems that some categories are working and other not, for a reason that I don't understand : I sent you two screen shots :

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It's not dependent on the type of categories. The scrollbar shows up when there are two or three items below the lower edge of the list. So when you create one or two more categories in the fx step the scrollbar would appear.

This bug is caused by a pretty old python module, which I use for the gui. Unfortunately I can't fix that in a small update because the Prism auto updater updates only the scripts from github, but not the python modules. This will be fixed in the next bigger release for which I'll generate a new executable which includes all the latest python modules.

However if this problem is a big issue for you I can upload the new module for you so that you can replace the old one, even before I update the Prism installer.

Hello Richard,

As always, thanks for your quick answer, it does not seems to be an issue for now,

As you said, I use this work around for now : creating a new item in the list to update it, and making the scrollbar active 🙂

Thanks !