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Cannot create shot


I have a problem creating a shot. The error message is attached in images and also attached a screenshot of the path it creates, but in the project browser I cannot see the file and the error message constantly appears.


Thanks for the effort and attention

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That happens because you use a "-" to separate the data in the filename. Prism uses a "-" in the shotname already to separate the sequencename from the shotname.

I could change it, so that Prism uses an underscore or another character in the shotname if your filenameseparator is a "-". Or you have to choose a different character as a filenameseparator.

This is my configuration in pipeline.ini



filenameseperator = -

I have created the sequence and shot by hand, but I have to transfer from Shotgun all the shots and these are written like this: HEA_E01_9000 If I don't write anything in sequence, it works fine, but if I enter a sequence number (1) it stops working.

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It starts breaking if you have more than 7 separator strings in your filename. If you don't use a sequence name there will be exactly 7 "-" characters in your filename. If you use a sequencename then prism will add an additional "-" to the filename to separate the sequencename from the shotname. Because the "-" is the same character as the one you defined as your filenameseperator in the config, there will be 8 filenameseperators in the filename, which makes it not possible for Prism to interpret the data from the filename.

Like I said before you could use a different character as filenameseperator or I could change the character, which will be used to separate the sequence from the shotname. They need to be different, but in your case they are identical.

I'm sorry to bother with this, but I can't find a way to solve it so I can use sequence number without exceeding the number of separations. We have many assets created with that structure and now we have create hundreds of shots. How could I solve it?

Thank you for your work

If you already have scenefiles created for your assets, you cannot simply change the filenameseparator to something else, because it would make Prism ignore all scenefiles, which are created already.

I just uploaded an update to Prism (v1.2.1.27). You can update your version in the Prism Settings dialog. With this new version you can define "sequenceseparator" in the project config. (The same place where you changed the filenameseparator). The default is "-", which will be used, when this setting is not defined in the config. But you can set it to something else like "..". Then you can create your shots and Prism will use ".." to separate the sequence from the shotname, which will solve your problem.

I have made the update and the option for the filenameseparator does not appear.
On the other hand I have encountered this error that occurs with the StateManager 
that blocks the window and forces me to close Maya finishing the task.

Tis is the error:

08/10/19 13:25:05 ERROR - sm_default_importFile v1.2.1.27:
File "T:\3D\Script\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\", line 250, in func_wrapper
return func(*args, **kwargs)
File "T:\3D\Script\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\", line 402, in focusImport
File "T:\3D\Script\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\", line 490, in <lambda>
self.tw_export.currentItemChanged.connect(lambda x,y: self.stateChanged(x, y, self.tw_export))
File "T:\3D\Script\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\", line 250, in func_wrapper
return func(*args, **kwargs)
File "T:\3D\Script\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\", line 378, in stateChanged
File "T:\3D\Script\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\", line 250, in func_wrapper
return func(*args, **kwargs)
File "T:\3D\Script\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\", line 368, in showState
File "T:\3D\Script\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\StateManagerNodes\", line 65, in func_wrapper
erStr = ("%s ERROR - sm_default_importFile %s:\n%s\n\n%s" % (time.strftime("%d/%m/%y %X"), args[0].core.version, ''.join(traceback.format_stack()), traceback.format_exc()))

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "T:\3D\Script\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\StateManagerNodes\", line 62, in func_wrapper
return func(*args, **kwargs)
File "T:\3D\Script\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\StateManagerNodes\", line 376, in updateUi
versionData = os.path.basename(os.path.dirname(parDir)).split(self.core.filenameSeperator)
AttributeError: PrismCore instance has no attribute 'filenameSeperator'


I just fixed this error in

Like I said you have to modify the config (\00_Pipeline\pipeline.ini) in a texteditor and add the "sequenceseparator" option to change the character.

Hi Richard,

I'm having an issue that may be similar to this.

"-" don't work in my workflow, and I would prefer to use "_" (underscores).

Looking at the conversation above I added the suggested line to my Config file (attached image; pipelineConfig.PNG) however it still names the folder and subsequent files with "-" (attached image; sequenceShotName.PNG).

Is there a way I can change this to use only underscores?

Cheers, Dan

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