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Cannot create shot/sequence since update

I have updated my prism today and I cannot create any shot anymore, I get these error message in succession:


Replacing line 2768 in \Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\

sName, seqName = self.splitShotname(shotName)

with the following block of code should fix the issue. Please be careful that the tabs before the code lines might get converted to spaces if you copy/paste the whole block directly from the forum into your code editor. If that happens delete the spaces and replace them with tabs (2 tabs for line 1 and 4, 3 tabs for line 2, 3 and 5).

        if shotName == None:
            sName = None
            seqName = None
            sName, seqName = self.splitShotname(shotName)

This error only happens if you try to create a shot from the context menu. If you double click in an empty area in the shots list you should be still able to create shots. However, this bug is now fixed in v1.2.1.15.

Thanks @gkocov for providing a quick fix for that.

Thanks a lot Richard for that quick fix !