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Blender FBX export problem


I have encountered an FBX export problem with blender.

Blender version is 2.79.7

Prism Version is 1.3.39




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This is fixed now in v1.3.0.40.

I there any reason why you are using Blender 2.79 instead of 2.8?

At some point the Blender 2.79 support of Prism might get dropped if the differences to the latest Blender version become too big.

My apologies for the inconvenient. We use this version because the artists have not adapted to the new version. We have it installed and fbx works without problem. It is up to the artists to stay in production with the old version.

On the other hand I have two other posts published that drive me a little crazy in an attempt to solve it. They are:

"Task Image render"

"Nuke Write Path Problem"

We are starting production and I need to fix it before it makes a big ball.

In any case, thank you very much for your attention and effort