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Blender and Fusion missing on Linux


seems like Blender and Fusion Plugin Integrations are missing from the Linux version

is this something that needs to be done?

thank you

Yes that still needs to be done. I haven't received much requests for Blender or Fusion on Linux so I focused on other features. If the interest in that becomes big enough I could look at that.

What's the main difference  here? executable paths?

cause I could take a look into this and if I can solve it I can share the changes


If I remember correctly the main problem was that I had problems to import PySide2 in Blender. If you could provide a PySide2 module, which works with Blender on Linux, it should be straight forward to adjust the Prism scripts to add the Linux support.

Hey @richardf

I'm on linux so I just downloaded this 2 packages




append them to the the python path like this

import sys



then it works on Blender, I suppose is the same in Windows

and you don't want to run it that way, in it's on process I guess.

hope that helps

Quote from varomix on 14. July 2019, 5:15

and you don't want to run it that way, in it's on process I guess.

That's the point where I'm stuck. On Windows that's no problem. I can execute this code in Blender:

import sys
pysidePath = "C:/Prism/PythonLibs/Python37"
sys.path.insert(0, pysidePath)

from PySide2.QtWidgets import *

qapp = QApplication.instance()
if qapp == None:
    qapp = QApplication(sys.argv)

class core():
    def __init__(self):
        self.w = QWidget()

x = core()

And this opens a PySide window, which I can interact with and at the same time I can interact with the Blender UI. On Linux this doesn't work (at least in my CentOS virtual machine). There I have to add:


But this blocks the complete Blender UI until the QApplication closes.

I tried to run it in a separate process with subprocess.Popen, but then the process cannot import the bpy module and cannot interact with the Blender scene. If I try to execute it in a different thread in the same process with the threading module I get this warning and no window opens:

QApplication::exec: Must be called from the main thread

Hopefully someone has an idea how to run the PySide UI and the Blender UI at the same time without blocking each other.

+1 for Blender and Fusion support for Linux, also 3dCoat and Substance would be nice too, but blender and fusion/davinci are a must

I'm also interested in Blender support for Linux.