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Automatically added external task on render submit

Hi, using 3dsmax/Deadline to submit renders, there's an option to run python scripts on submission automatically, I would love to be able to run a script that adds the output on the submitted render to the external tasks of the Prism shot I am currently working on but have no idea where to start.

Is there an example python script I can use to start from?

I don't think there's already an example for that, but I can create one. But first I'd like to clarify it a bit.

  • You are submitting your renderjobs through the default 3ds Max Deadline plugin and not through the Prism State Manager right?
  • Do you mean the "Post-Submission Function Call" setting? (That would be a Maxscript function call)
  • You want to add the external task immediately after the job submission before the renderings exist?