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Auto Re-Submit Errors

Hi Richard, we're big fans of Prism and have been waiting for Pandora forever, today finally we had the time to test it out and it seems very promissing, one thing that is really important for us tough i that when we induced errors in a job it would report the error but would not resubmit the package after all the healthy packages finished, is this behaviour implemented?

Also, are you planning to implement fusion in pandora?


Thanks a lot!, please keep the good work, the tools are great!


I hope I understood your question correctly.

With package you mean a task in Pandora? If a task gets rendered by a slave, generates an error and produces no output, the task status will be set to "error". The error message gets logged and the slave will be able to render another assigned task. Even if all following tasks render successfully, the failed task won't be assigned to another slave automatically. You can see the errored tasks in the RenderHandler and restart them there if you want to assign them again. Is that the behaviour that you would expect?


I don't use Fusion personally very often, which is why I don't have any plans to support it with Pandora at the moment. I added Fusion support to Prism because there were quite a few requests for that, but I don't see that for Pandora currently. I think if another developer would be willing to work on that, he should be able to develop a Fusion plugin for Pandora.