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Asset published ?


Had a question about asset publishing, I was setting up prism on a friend computer to work on the same project and I was explaining him how to use it.

I wanted to publish one of my scene for him to open it, once the file have been synchronised and he tried to open the published scene, the scene was copied on his 'Local' project folder, is that normal ?

what I don't understand then is why he couldn't save the file or create a new version anymore, prism display an error on which the current file is not part of the project.

I'm unsure of if this is a bug, if this is how prism is expected to behave and that the user need to 'create new version from current', or something else, why would prism copy the published asset to the local project if we have to create a new version from current anyway ?'


thanks for the clarification !

Yes it is normal that the scenefile gets copied to the local project path. The intended workflow in Prism is that an artist never works in scenefiles in the global project folder. The files in the global folder are there just for sharing. This is to prevent that published scenefiles get overwritten accidentally, to ensure that the source scene of an export/render remains preserved and to avoid that two artists work on the same file at the same time and overwrite each others scene.

But of course your friend should be able to save new versions when he opens your scene. This sounds like a bug to me. When he uses "create new version from current" a scene gets created in the same location where the scene exists which was copied by Prism from the global folder? If both scenes are in the same folder but Prism displays a message that one of them is not in the project, then the bug is probably related to backslashes and forewardslashes. Some python functions return paths with forewardslashes and in some cases paths with backslashes. I uploaded a fix to github, which converts all the paths in the "check if in project" function to backslashes, eventually this solves this problem.