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Animation Alembic workflow in Maya

What it should be? Anybody knows correct way? For example: rigger publishes character in T pose ABC format. LookDev artist imports T pose ABC in empty scene and starting shading process. Parallel animation artist doing animation. At the end we have lookdev char scene with final shaders in T pose, and animation ABC. How to switch prom T pose ABC to animation ABC in Prism-pipeline in Main Set ?

Hey @yogo,

when you import an alembic file using the Prism State Manager you have the option to apply the cache to existing objects in your scene which you have selected. You can use a workflow like this:

  • rigger publishes abc and .mb
  • anim imports .mb and animates character. Then exports anim as abc.
  • surfacing imports abc tpose from rigging and applies shaders. Then exports all as .mb
  • lighting imports the .mb tpose from surfacing. Then select all character objects and import the abc from anim to apply the anim to your tpose character.

That way you can merge your shaded character with your animated character.

Let me know if you have further questions.


@RichardF thanks for replay!

Yes in maya it works perfect, i already  found out it. Question what about 3dsmax and houdini? I try but did int found any solution like in maya. Houdini only HDA but how to load ABC? Best to have 2 different import states like in maya T pose and animation ABC