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An unknowen error

Hi all
I've got this error many times after using prism syncing with Dropbox

it works well and we can manage the projects, but we've faced this issue recently.

I don't know the reason, maybe this is because there are empty folders

could you help us

Thank you, Richard


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I heard of that issue after some recent updates, but I couldn't really reproduce it.

Where are these empty folders you mentioned?

Thank you, Richard

The empty folders are in the prism project, where we save the files " the pipeline and the workflow folders "



I'm still having problems reproducing it. Does it happen randomly or does it happen every time you are doing some specific action?

yes, it happens when I try to open Maya file  using a prism   also after closing the prism window , it opens after I close the error window many times

it works fine now 😀 I don't know  the reason

Really? I still don't know when it happens so I haven't changed anything to fix it.

Do you have any clue what you did to fix it? Like restarting your computer, opening a different Prism project or updating Prism again?

it wasn't a personal case, we are more than 40 artists using Prism and we faced the same issue.