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Add Maya shelves and presets path to Custom Modules

Hi, would it be possible to add the maya presets folder and shelves folder to the CustomModules folder just like you have plugins and scripts? From what I gather, in  the documentation there are variables to append them to the PATH.

Our team is using some custom scripts and it would be great if I could just push out a shelf to everyone and not have to worry about anyone having problems getting it loaded or deleting it if they delete preferences. Same thing with presets.
Thanks a ton!

Edit: could you add the XBMLANGPATH variable as well as that is where shelf icons can be found as per the docs.


In v1.3.0.48 I added 3 folders in CustomModules to MAYA_PRESET_PATH, MAYA_SHELF_PATH and XBMLANGPATH. I hope that will help you and your team.

Thank you so very much! This is going to make our live so much easier!