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A USD Pipeline for Artists - Prism 2.0 First Look

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Tried over the weekend but got crashes as well

Quote from Animatect on 28. March 2022, 20:28

Tried over the weekend but got crashes as well

are you two refer to this

or are you using tangents version? or did they join forces?

looking forward, my redshift licences run out in July ๐Ÿ˜‰

also I'm waiting patiently for prism 2.0, but v1 does its job every day, huge thanks! if you need beta / alpha testers I can provide my assistance and and report bugs etc...

all the best



Hey Phillip, sorry, didn't see you post before.


This is a diferent version from tangents (blackbird), this one developed mostly I think by Patrick mours (hope I'm writing that well) from Nvidia. I would say Tangent's version is virtually dead now, since this version is supported in the actual cycles repository.

The version itself is... highly experimental I would say, I've managed to compile it in windows but it has some bugs and it's missing some stuff, I'm sure It will get there (although it's been I think almost a month since I saw movement in the repo), so I wouldn't ditch redshift just yet and believe me, having 7 redshift licenses myself, I feel your pain.

On the other hand, workflows developed in solaris can translate easily, so that's a plus ๐Ÿ™‚


On your last comment, I'm also very happy with and very thankful for prism 1.0, when we get 2.0 I'm sure it'll be amazing, but 1.0 is very solid.

How to download the beta version of Prism 2?

I don't think the beta is open, right now we actually have a prism fork where we develop adaptation to our pipeline and production management pannel, to get a peak at the plugin system on v2.0 would be amazing so we can prepare a migration and asses how much of the code is re-usable.

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