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A couple of questions from a new user

First of all, I want to say amazing job on Prims, really really liking it so far. I have everything working I believe correctly - Houdini - Maya - Fusion.

I read an old comment about custom folders probably like a year old and change the to rename the folder as I wanted (There is anything new on this by the way?)

I was wondering if I can add for example folder without a number (prefix). This is my current template project folder I like to use _IN and _OUT folder for clients, etc. How can I add these folders to the project structure? And there is any way that I can create new folders inside those or any in this case?

Thank you, Richard!

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Hey Sepu,

There's no update on this yet. But you can already rename the folders in the Create Project dialog. Just double click the name in the folder list to edit the name. To remove the numbers you would need to modify the or you rename the folders after the project got created. If you do that you also have to look into the project config (\00_Pipeline\pipeline.ini) and in the "paths" section you have to rename the workflow, assets and dailies folder as well. You will also see the 00_Pipeline folder in that config, but this one can't be changed currently.

You can create any additional folders in your project like the _IN and _OUT, but Prism will ignore them. If you want that Prism saves files in them you would need to add this extra functionality with a python Prism plugin.


Thank you Richard. I'll take a look.