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3dsmax import last alembic bug

Hi Richard,
I am recently working between Maya 2019 > 3dsmax 2019
I have problems when updating an alembic via state manager I have the following error on 3dsmax.
Uploaded files:
  • error_3dsmax.PNG
the error is reproduced when a new item is added to the version

I just fixed an error with importing alembics in 3ds Max. Eventually that also fixed your error. Can you update to v1.2.1.68 and test it again?

hi @richardf

I just updated and if it works

but I do have an error when adding a new geometry added to the group. I don't know if this is a limitation of 3dsmax

Would it be possible that you send me the alembic files?

Also did you try to export just a simple box from maya and import it through the State Manager in an empty 3ds Max scene? Just to check if it's related to some of your objects in the alembic file or to your current 3ds Max scene.


update to the latest version and I can't import anything "import task" is empy



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Even if you export something new? Rightclick on alembic and open it in a windows explorer. Does it have any subfolders containing the alembic file?

update to the latest version and the problem persists

attached screenshots and the project

Uploaded files:

Thanks for uploading the whole project. That made it a lot easier to find the problem. I fixed that now in v1.2.1.71

Also the Import latest version works fine for me. But I saw that you have different objects in each alembic file. So you probably want to disable the "Alembic - Update path only" option on the import state.

Works!! thanks @richardf