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3dsmax 2022 support

Hey Guys

is there any provision for 3dsmax 2002 support?

Support for 3dsmax 2022 requires some bigger changes to the plugin. It's not planned to update the 3dsmax plugin for Prism 1.3 for that. But in Prism 2, which will be released in the next months, 3dsmax 2022 will be supported.

Thx Richard!

I will wait! Is there any way to make donations to the project?

Yes, there is. On the downloads page of this website there is a yellow "Donate" button to donate using PayPal.

Thanks a lot.


As I am getting on here, how is the status of 3dsmax 2022 integration? For now the Environment variable doesnt work here..


I'm just wondering if there is a workaround to get Pandora to run in 3dsmax2023? The software looks great and nice and user friendly.... just wishing it would work with the new version of 3dsmax.