Richard Frangenberg


FX-TD Portfolio

FX-TD Showreel:

Volume Sniffer Demo:

A tool to analyze and debug volumes, by inspecting voxel values and visualizing different fields.

Based on PySide + Python Viewer States in Houdini

Capture-Node-Thumbnail Demo:


A tool to capture an area of the screen and create a preview in the network view in Houdini.


Based on PySide.

Highlight Placer Demo:

A tool to place highlights on an object in the sceneviewer in Houdini.

Based on Python Viewer States.

Shortfilm “Reflection”:

A shortfilm, which I’ve worked on during my studies:

Scripting Showreel:

Collection of various scripts I’ve written in 3ds Max and Maxscript.


I’m a FX-TD from Germany with a strong interest in workflow and efficiency optimisations. I found my passion for visual effects 8 years ago and I’m still eager to learn new technologies like on the first day.

Although I’m interested in the whole visual effects pipeline, I’m especially focused on the area of FX and Pipeline development. I worked at multiple studios as 3D Generalist and later as FX TD (including ScanlineVFX). In my free time I develop and support my Prism Pipeline project.


 Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.