Semicolon is a shortfilm created by Marius Schmücker with the help of Prism Pipeline.

The project was created in about 3 months time as part of his studies at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany.

Semicolon by Marius Schmücker

Prism was used to manage the data of the project. Other software used in this project include:

ZBrush (Sculpting),
Substance Painter (Texturing),
Quixel Megascans, Blender (Rigging, Animation),
Houdini (FX, Lighting, Rendering),
Nuke (Compositing),
DaVinci Resolve (Editing, Grading)

Designed and produced by:
Marius Schmücker

Semicolon by Marius Schmücker

Behind these stunning visuals there is a serious message (by Marius):

“A semicolon represents a sentence the author could’ve ended, but chose not to. The author
is you and the sentence is your life” – The Semicolon Project

That is a quote by the Semicolon Project, a project that tries to help suicidal people mostly
suffering from depressions or other mental illnesses. Since this quote has been published
the Semicolon has become a famous tattoo symbol for people that wanted to commit
suicide but decided to continue their life.

In 2017 In Germany alone: more than 9000 people commited suicide, that’s three times the
number of traffic deaths!

In order to raise awareness of this topic, I made this short animation, to depict the struggle
that people are going through and try to make them hope.

Struggle, Pain, Fear – VOID; Leave the dark and start your journey, open your eyes and finally
see for the first time!

Semicolon by Marius Schmücker