Dissolve is a 3D animated short created at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (Germany) using Prism and Pandora.

Created by:

Carina Heller (Lead Animation | Character Art | Conecept Art | Lighting)

Emely Michel (Animation | Rigging | Generalist | Lighting)

Marius Schmücker (FX Artist/TD | Lead Tech Artist/TD | Lead Lighting/Lookdev | Compositing | Pipeline)

Jasmin Sauer (Project Management | Environment Art | Lighting)

In this 3D animated short we follow the journey of a little Gecko, living inside an Alzheimer’s patient mind, resembling his earliest childhood memory. As the disease progresses, neurons start falling apart and his memories descend from above. The Gecko intuitively tries to catch them before they fade, but there are simply too many for him to save…

Our Short has the length of 3 minutes with the goal to come emotionally close to the viewer, by creating detailed, stunning visuals as well as make the viewer mindful of life, death and the decreasing of memories.
We have our little innocent, clueless Gecko that acts out of intuition, combining that the object falling from above and dissolve can’t mean something good. The viewer more and more realizes, that everything you see are memories of our actual protagonist who once owned a gecko. This gecko- one of his deepest and earliest childhood memories- now serves as protector of his fading memories due to his fatal Alzheimer disease.
Since he can’t save them all the Gecko decides to look fate in the eyes and give the last memory he saved up so the Alzheimer patient can now peacefully die.

The project was created in about 3 months using the following software:

ZBrush (Sculpting), Substance Painter (Texturing), Quixel Megascans, Blender (Rigging, Animation), Houdini (FX, Lighting, Rendering), Redshift, Nuke (Compositing), DaVinci Resolve (Editing, Grading)
–> Prism + Pandora

A detailed workflow and pipeline breakdown can be found here:


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