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Win 10 - 1909 - Installation issue on surface pro 7 - RESOLVED

Hi there,

I am experiencing weird install behavior on win 10-1909 surface pro seven machine (high DPI - if that matters). It is a new fresh box, so everything is new. Installing prism 1.2.0. I updated the ms redistributable files.

The whole process runs without a problem. Default location folders are created. Everything seems to be in order. But none of the items are added to the start menu, or the tray item is not running. When I try to run them manually, nothing launches. I tried to re-install a few times, but nothing seems to be working. I am not sure what else I could do. Any ideas are appreciated. On all other machines, Prism runs without a flaw.

Thank you!




For those interested this fixed the issue.with ice lake cpus

Hey @martinm

Thanks for posting the solution here.

Just to understand the problem, Prism was crashing while creating the shortcuts because of an old version of openSSL?

Hi Richard,

It was not really crashing. It appeared like it was forced to close or not allowed to start at all (without warning). Install finished, but Prism (tray) was not added to the start menu at all and would not be permitted to launch.

Similar symptoms were present with nuke and katana. And the foundry support tip helped out. Once I added the environment variable and reinstalled Prism, all works well.