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User experiences with Blender

Hi. I found out about the Pandora renderfarm manager and I am thinking to test it out, but I ask first if anyone has experience using it with recent Blender versions. There seems to be Blender 3.0 support added about a year ago, but does anyone know if it works for 3.5. And if it’s likely to work with the end of the year 4.0 release?

My use case would be submitting renders over the internet with shared Google drive folder which I understand to be functioning, as project folders are synced to all workstations and render slave. By checking GitHub there hasn’t been much development happening last years, but it doesn’t really matter if it works.

Edit. I just noticed from Maya thread that development has stopped, so maybe safer to skip this if it breaks with future Blender versions. But I wait for Prism 2, which should be interesting for me to test whenever available.